We have always been pioneers in the reduction of harmful emissions generated during the transport of goods. We were the first company in Europe to achieve a complete intermodal status.

We believe future generations should grow up in a clean and healthy world. We contribute to this goal by developing new and cleaner ways of transport and logistics. RB Intermodal is, ans has always been, a pioneer regarding the reduction of harmfull emissions during the process of transporting goods. Every process has been previously analysed and calibrated to assure minimum harm to the environment. These are not only words, but facts; RB Intermodal was the first company in Europe to achieve a complete intermodal status.

Responsible Care

Responsible Care® is the global chemical industry’s unique initiative to improve health, environmental performance, enhance security, and to communicate with stakeholders about products and processes. We at RB Intermodal have been active participators of this programme for years and have implemented the values of the programme into our Company Policy. Responsible Care commits companies, national chemical industry associations and their partners to:

  1. Continuously improve the environmental, health, safety and security knowledge and performance of our technologies, processes and products over their life cycles so as to avoid harm to people and the environment.
  2. Use resources efficiently and minimise waste.
  3. Report openly on performance, achievements and shortcomings.
  4. Listen, engage and work with people to understand and address their concerns and expectations.
  5. Cooperate with governments and organisations in the development and implementation of effective regulations and standards, and to meet or go beyond them.
  6. Provide help and advice to foster the responsible management of chemicals by all those who manage and use them along the product chain.

RB Intermodal recently received the prestigious Lean and Green Logistics Award. Lean and Green is a stimulation program for businesses and authorities. It aims to encourage businesses and government bodies to move to a higher level of sustainability, by taking measures that not only yield cost savings, but at the same time reduce the burden on the environment. With the Lean and Green Award, organizations can show that they are actively engaged in making their logistics and mobility process more sustainable. That is something to be proud of.


Historically we have always been pioneers in achieving new ways of Co2 emission reduction. Actually we were the first 100% intermodal company in Europe reducing more than 50% in harmfull emisions compared to conventional road transport.

We decided to create our own company brand to simbolize our comprimise with sustainability and show our concern about global warming.

Every decision taken by our logistic engineers is anteriorly analyzed and calibrated to represent a minimum possible of Co2. All trucks involved in our logistic processes are equipped with the cleanest available engines and are monitored with sophisticated ECO driving style software. Our drivers receive feedback about their performance and are encouraged to improve their score. It’s not only about lowering harmful emissions but also about driving responsibly and without accidents.

United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 (UN SD Goals) are a universal set of goals, targets and indicators that UN member states will be expected to use to shape the agendas and political policies over the next 15 years. This ambitious agenda for all of humanity seeks to finish what the Millennium Development Goals started, while adding its own elements. We at RB Intermodal support these goals will play our own modest part to achieve these goals, as we believe every company should