By using perpetual training and risk prevention we aim to provide a safe working environment for our workers during their day work.

Behavior-Based Safety is a process that creates a safety partnership between management and employees that continually focuses people's attentions and actions on theirs, and others, daily safety behavior. BBS focuses on what people do, analyzes why they do it, and then applies a research-supported intervention strategy to improve what people do.

To be successful a BBS program must include all employees, from the CEO to the front line workers. Including but not limited to hourly, salary, union employees, contractors and sub-contractors. To achieve changes in behavior, a change in policy, procedures and/or systems most assuredly will also need some change. Those changes cannot be done without buy-in and support from all involved in making those decisions.

BBS is not based on assumptions, personal feeling, and/or common knowledge. To be successful, the BBS program used must be based on scientific knowledge.

All drivers are trained and eveluated by an observer on board every year as well as live monitoring via built in drive style telematics.

Train Transport
RB Intermodal Truck

We are absolutely committed to the prevention of personal accidents. We work every day on safety and risk mitigation.

All personell working at RB Intermodal, including temporary personnel, receives intensive training in the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or other garments or equipment designed to protect the wearer's body from injury. We give special attention to the working at height related PPE which are checked every year by a qualified professional. We are proud to have achieved a company culture that appreciates and rewards responsible behaviour.

Guidelines CEFIC/ECTA

We use Cefic/Ecta guidelines as the basis for our own protocols and manuals. View the document