We offer intermodal transport of dry bulk goods maximizing the use of train as a low CO2 emission modality.

We offer intermodal transport services of dry bulk goods throughout Europe, North America and the Middle East; maximizing the use of the train as a low emission modality. The transport from the customer to the terminal and vice-versa is carried out by trucks with the cleanest engines available and with the lowest CO2 emissions possible.

Our dry bulk containers can transport more and heavier goods per shipment, giving our customers the advantage of a lower transport price per ton and less vehicle movement on their facilities, thus increasing safety. By shipping more goods per trip we can decrease the number of shipments, resulting in lower CO2 emissions.

Train Transport

We offer more than 98% on time performance.

Our response to the growing demand for Green Supply Chain Management and important issues such as Quality, Safety and Sustainability, has made us key partners of some of the biggest companies worldwide, and has gained us several awards as best bulk transport company of the year. What is more, we offer more than 98% on time performance.

Transport Management System

Our enthusiasm and spirit of enterprise is always present in all our business lines.

Together with our in-house software engineers and external tech-consultors, RB Intermodal has designed a totally tailor-made Transport Management System (TMS) to provide fast and reliable information about your goods and workflows at all times, by means of customized reports and system-to-system communication.

We are continually working to offer innovative storage concepts that will, for sure, make a diference in the market.