We achieve the lowest CO2 emissions possible thanks to the use of the newest and cleanest engines mounted in our trucks.

RB Intermodal is a leading company in intermodal solid bulk logistics. We provide our logistical services to chemical and mining industries throughout Europe, North America and the Middle East, handling both granulates and powders.

We offer short distance distribution by road when no realistic intermodal option is at hand. We dispose of an ultramodern fleet of trucks and bulk trailers to cover road distributions. Each truck is equipped with state-of-the-art positioning and communication systems, as well as ECO driving style analysis. We achieve the lowest possible CO2 emissions possible thanks to the use of the newest and cleanest engines mounted in our trucks.

RB Intermodal Truck

Safety comes first for RB Intermodal.

All our drivers are trained in Health and Safety issues on a regular basis, for example in Behavior Based Safety (BBS). Furthermore, all our vehicles are equipped with real-time driving analysis systems. This enables us to guide our drivers safely and responsibly throughout all stages of their work.

Together with our intermodal status, we have developed and implemented an important solution to minimize the risk of a container falling from a trailer while being raised or tipped during the unloading process. Each bulk-trailer has interlocked sensors on both sides to ensure the correct locking of twist locks. If the sensor finds a twist lock that is not properly locked, it prevents the trailer from tipping. Together with our customers and chemical umbrella organizations, we have shared our acquired knowledge with the transport industry, in order to promote it throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

RB Intermodal disposes of all the tools necessary to convert your bulk logistics into a success story:

High-end IT and System to System possibilities.

Logistical experts providing priceless added value.

ISO 9001, GMP+, SQAS and Lean & Green certified.

Tracing of trucks by satellite to provide our customers with real-time information.

Continuous education of our drivers in BBS and in ECO driving.

Our team of logistical experts is ready to help you 24 hours a day with your questions or doubts wherever you need to deliver your goods.