We dispose of Technology, Professionals and Knowledge to repackage in any configuration anywhere you need.

As a result of our extensive value-added services, our customers can always respond flexibly and quickly to the needs of the market, improve their supply chain reliability and boost their productivity. Our warehouses are designed and conditioned to be extremely efficient and safe. Our facilities can be equipped with technologically advanced, flexible and reliable machinery, perfectly adapted to your project.

RB Intermodal can take care of product transfers and all the repackaging modes worldwide with our technology, in conjunction with our vast experience in the industry. We can support you in optimizing your global logistics supply chain, reducing as much as possible the impact of the packing and repacking process (cost, time, space, waste management, etc.) while preserving the rigorous quality, safety standards and product controls implemented at your facilities.

RB Intermodal Truck

Through a combination of techniques such as tilt frames, shaker engines, screw conveyors and fluidizing parts, we improve the product flow behavior as well as controlling and monitoring the particularities and characteristics of any kind of granulates and pellets.

Besides storage and handling goods, we can also add value to your products by offering an extensive spectrum of semi-industrial services, such as mixing and blending machinery, sieving techniques, metal detection systems, optical sorting services and customizing processes.

Our significant experience in the chemical and mining business gives us a complete vision of the challenges that the industry is facing and how we can use technology to address them. For this reason, we are always working constantly in new logistics concepts together with our highly-skilled engineers or external partners.

All activities are pre-evaluated and continuously subjected to the highest safety and environmental standards by our in-house team of highly-skilled experts. The HSEQ department is dedicated and integrated into each project to prevent or minimize the risk of incidents, to design and monitor all kinds of solutions to avoid contamination and guarantee the protection of the environment.

Product Handling