About the Painting

We are specialized in evaluating and providing smart, modern, flexible, sustainable and high quality logistic solutions.

In 2009 two European logistic companies decided to unite their know-how, talent and enthusiasm to create together a significant new player on the bulk logistics market: RB Intermodal. Upgrading the scale of our business gave us the opportunity to handle bigger projects and at the same time maintain an excellent performance. The business was focussed on integrating new modalities of transport, with less harmful emissions, into the supply chain. We were absolute pioneers in introducing this new and cleaner way of transporting powders and granulates throughout Europe. We were actually the first 100% intermodal company in Europe using train and vessel modalities as an alternative for traditional road transport.

RB Intermodal turned out to be a huge success and what started out as a spontaneous idea turned into a large European logistics provider. This growth has given the company the opportunity to expand our goals towards the Middle East region and the United States of America. In these parts of the world we offer our expertise, top quality equipment and enthusiasm just like we do in Europe.

RB Intermodal is specialized in evaluating and providing smart, modern, quality, flexible and sustainable solutions throughout the supply chain process to world leading chemical and mining companies on a global scale. Our comprehensive expertise in logistics and engineering enables us to optimize current projects or design alternative logistics solutions, in order to approach the most efficient and cost effective plan in a socially responsible way. We have gained the confidence of these companies by showing through the year’s outstanding performance regarding deliveries but also regarding Quality, Safety and Sustainability.

Please feel free to contact us to see what RB Intermodal can do for you:

Intermodal transport with dry bulk containers (pressurized or not pressurized)

Short distance road distribution

Safety storage of your product at strategically positioned hubs using our fleet of containers

Warehousing and Storage

Product Handling, product transferring and other added value services

High tech solutions. We recently developed the RB Discharger Pro ®, capable of unloading a liner box container containing powders directly into a storage silo.

Project analysis and Consulting Services

Our logistic engineers will gladly analyse your case and propose improvements regarding your supply chain and logistical procedures.